Welding Wrexham, Shropshire and Marylebone Railways

Buffet design and manufacture
During the early stages of the design process, Sitech advised on best manufacturing practice. Once the design was approved the buffets were manufactured ar our Redditch plant, ensuring that specifications and crash worthiness criteria were adhered to. The units were then delivered to the installer's facility on budget and on schedule.
Welding London Underground Limited : Advert Panels

The client required a quantity of Advert Panels, drawings were available but the dies for the extrusion had been mislaid. We therefore needed small quantities of various aluminium extrusions to be produced which we achieved with the help of one of our many suppliers. The panels were then produced, powder coated and delivered depot.

Welding Kiro Seating

Sitech was asked to become part of a consortium of smaller companies to provide design input and manufacturing capabilities to produce a folding passenger seat for the rail industry. The remit was to work closely with the design team to ensure ease of manufacture, interchangeability of components and flexibility of design to allow dimensional changes for varying applications. These seats have been very successful, using a unique folding mechanism to allow normal seating or a variety of other uses including wheelchair access, catering trolley storage or extra luggage space. The consortium has also designed and produced drivers seats (KCRC Hong Kong) and occasional ‘tip up’ seats.
Get Adobe Flash player ‘J Door’ Lock

We were asked to design and supply a ‘J Door’ lock for use on the Metronet, Deep Tunnel for London Underground via a European company. Through our extensive network of suppliers and contractors we formed a partnership with a designer, who in conjunction with the technical requirements document and our manufacturing experience, produced a design to meet all the criteria. The proposed lock was modelled in 3D and presented to the customer.